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Chinese Character Copybook Set

The National Library of China's exclusive collection Fu character: it is used special paper, with no faint dyeing, which is easy to use and helps you experience Chinese traditional culture.

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2023 Monthly Calendar

Inspired by ancient Chinese myths and stories, the special-shaped lunar calendar, with a sense of ritual surprise, and intimate remarks on festivals, postcards, and notebooks can be used for many purposes. Wooden backing can be used as desktop clips and photos can be inserted.

$39.60 $47.60
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2023 Chinese New Year Decor Set

Using the collection of the National Library of China as a source of inspiration, the inner box is designed to be easy to tear, and a pair of hanging cards can be obtained after tearing. Including couplet,Chinese Fu character wall stickers, window grilles, lucky red envelope, hanging card, character drawing map, seed package, LOGO customization.

$48.37 $56.90
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Chinese Art Hand Rope

Original merchandise from the National Library of China: rope art latch, easy to wear, hand-woven knot, 22K gold-plated braided red rope bracelet.

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National Library of China

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