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Join GO DAY, get free points!

GO DAY Rewards

  • Earn 50 bonus points for successful registration
  • Earn 50 bonus points for your first transaction
  • Earn 1.5X actual points for birthday consumption
  • Earn 70 bonus points for a comment/product’s review
  • Points for “successful transaction”: Points will be automatically issued to the corresponding account by the system after the receipt of goods is confirmed.
  • The value of points is accurate to the single-digit (all decimal points are discarded, no rounding), the minimum consumption points are 100 points, and less than 100 points can only be accumulated and cannot be consumed.
  • 100% bonus points for a successful order transaction (exchange ratio 100:1); redeem no exceed over 50% of the order amount
  • Points earned but not used by the user will expire the following year.
  • If you return goods, you need to deduct the points earned for the goods. In addition, if the goods have been used, corresponding cash will be automatically deducted from the refund amount of the goods if you enjoy other privileges in the order, according to other preferential rules for refund.
  • Payment credits are only available to users upon completion of registration.
  • We will notify the change of account points via the subscription email