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Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition
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Poputar T1 Smart Guitar Kepma Co-brand Edition

Smart guitar with immersive learning experience. Learn to play guitar like a pro in 10 days. More
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Product Description

1. Poputar: A Smart Guitar with Free App for Everyone
Smart guitar with immersive learning experience. Learn to play guitar like a pro in 10 days.

2. Learn Music The New Way - Poputar has modified the guitar learning journey so that you don’t lose motivation, no monotonous and boring practicing session, but rather an enjoyable journey.

Extremely fun learning experience, unique LED lights synced with the PopuMusic App will allow you to play any song. Play, repeat, learn and improve daily.
Just follow the lights on the fingerboard to find the position of left hand, which sync with those in the PopuMusic App which tells when right hand plunking strings.

Learn faster than ever, playing guitar is cool but the practice is what really makes you a pro and we have just shortened the time that it will take you to get there.
PopuMusic, the Poputar App, has transformed the learning experience in a unique gamified manner which will keep you entertained, hooked and craving for me.
With the learning by playing settings, you will jam with friends or perform on stage very soon.

3. How Smart Learning Works – The illuminated fingerboard guides you through every step you’ve made.
The real time guide & feedback loop boosts your personal practice up to the next level. The PopuMusic App installed in your phone or tablet sends out the signals in 0.02s, delivering almost no delay experience. The add-on interactive E-learning courses will walk you through all the fundamentals and troubleshooting anytime you get stuck.

4. What’s Smart About Poputar - Poputar awakens your inner musician and helps you visualize the invisible through the unique light guidance, smart sound recognition, and interactive gamification App. Innovations like transformed Bluetooth guitar, fingerboard lighting system accelerate the cycle from a beginner to an expert.

Poputar makes your practice and learning process enjoyable at every stage with 96 smart LED lights on the fretboard. Stay focused all the time.
Poputar instantly and wirelessly receives the rhythm signals from your smart devices with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and displays the fingering on board with LED lights.

Lightweight, portable, practice anytime & anywhere.
Poputar's 36 inches design was designed to perfectly match the human body sizes.
Enjoy your jam session with friends with a long battery life of up to 10 hours of "full illumination" mode.

The PopuMusic App: interactive dynamics, along with the LEDs that show you what notes to play, PopuMusic App also listens closely to you and gives you instant feedback if you make any mistakes.

5. Maximize & Accelerate Your Learning Process - PopuMusic App introduce an interactive guitar playing experience.The game style practice lessons will take you from beginner stage to an expert level in no time.
Skip the boring and tedious practice and level up in an entertaining way.

Get Started From Single Chord Practices, Visualize the invisible notes dancing on the screen.
Neither need to know the sheet music, nor load the burden to remember everything.
Don’t worry, you know where you are, and what’s coming next with PopuMusic’s smart readings displayed on the screen.

Learn Complex Chords at Ease - Playing a song is so difficult, but once you master a few chords, feel free to learn to play a song.
The secret behind is that you can combine the chords you’ve learned as the way you want, and even create a new song.
PopuMusic make it easier by helping you make progress with chords learning step by step.

6. Explore The Rich & Immersive Song Library - The journey starts by choosing a song from the PopuMusic song library. PopuMusic's weekly updated song library, imagine you can keep playing from one of your favorite songs to another.

Gamified guitar lessons in strumming, plucking, chord switching, and more!

Make yourself comfortable and confident by adjusting the chord or the songs playing speed.

Move on to play with sheet music after you've mastered playing the notes, rhythms, and fingering positions.

Record and share with friends, track your personal guitar learning journey and see how you make progress step by step!

Interactive video tutorials, don't worry about forgetting what you learned in class! PopuMusic designed a series of learning tutorials for you to refer back to. Rewatch your lessons and review them anytime.

Smart Tuning, PopuMusic is not like the average tuning devices. It has an integrated tuning process within the smart PopuMusic App.Simply tap the tuning tool to follow the interactive guidance.

Chords and fingering dictionary, PopuMusic App has a strong chords dictionary.It emcompasses most chord inversions and scales - all available to be put on the LED indication feature. This dictionary is a powerful & useful tool - even for professional level guitar players!

Light-up mode & dazzling-mode, turn on the Light-Up Mode for when you’re composing a song. It’ll help you visualize the chords that you’re writing.Complex chords and unique patterns can all light up at once according to your wish. Switch on Dazzling-Mode when you want to play a cool frequency song.The LED light will change along with the dynamics of the rhythm. Elevate your performance with the fast-changing shapes and brightness of the lights.

Populele & Poputar in one App, freely switch between learning the Poputar smart guitar and the Populele smart ukulele. The PopuMusic App operates with both instruments. Learn everything across one App.

7. Premium Product Design - The advanced ABS material of the guitar, play and see the LED lights in action.

Immersive sound quality, Poputar is a strong unipolar vibration guitar, with a full, lively sound, compared with the traditional 36 inches guitars. The gradient soundboard technology, through high-precision programs controlled by CNC and laser machines enhance the responsiveness and enriche the sound.

The egormatic design with for the average hand, Poputar better fits the average human hand. On Poputar fingerboard, a 420R trace arc is designed on the surface of the smart fretboard.

Feeling so good fringe, frets are independently cast and formed, with a 360-degree arc fillet, no edges feelings, and it is more suitable for playing.

8. Manufacturing Crafts - We are in partnership with Kepma, the world leading guitar manufacturer. Every Poputar guitar spruce top is completely evaluated and graded for frequency response, tap-tuned and tapered to produce the perfect sounding top. Perfect. Every time.

Inside a constant temperature and humidity production workshop, Poputar's top spruce panels, mahogany back side panels are through strict selection of materials.

The premium guitar would also take their production to a new, unrivaled level. In addition to adding more custom computer-controlled machines, the new guitar would be produced using more precision automation and robotics than ever before – including in-house manufactured custom machinery built specifically for new methods of production, instead of manually assembling. All of these ensure us to get perfect sound quality.

At Poputar, there's no distinction between art and science — they're one in the same. The approach to design and build guitars for the world stage is unprecedented... We blend science and technology in such an artful way to produce guitars that in the hands of a player evoke the feeling and emotion intended by the artist.

A guitar isn't just a tool, it's an extension of your soul. Put Poputar in your hands and you'll instantly know — it's perfect. Every time.

9. The Acoustic Art and Science Behind Guitar - Bluetooth Signals to Light Signals, when you are playing a song, PopuMusic App simultaneously display the fingering of next note, and send the note code to Poputar LEDs on fingerboard via Bluetooth. You will tap where it lights up and then play the note! While you playing the notes, the sound is picked up by the smartphone’s or tablet's microphone, and processed by the sound card inside.
The smart PopuMusic App’s noise reduction recognition algorithm will recognize the frequency to give feedback, accurately display "Pefect, Good, Late, Early" on the App even under the background music interference.
Lights display and sound recognition, input and output, happening at the same time, no delay, everything is clear at a glance!

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