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IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station
IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station
IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station
IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station
IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station
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IKKO ITX01 10 IN 1 USB C Docking Station

ITX01 is the first portable professional audio docking station with a professional-grade DSP audio chip developed by IKKO. It boasts powerful expansion capabilities, supporting up to 10G data transfer and 4K60Hz high definition output 100W super PD fast charging. More
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Apple MI is fully compatible

10Gbps high-speed transmission

4K@60Hz video output

100W PD quick-charge

3.5mm/4.4mm Hi-Res certification

Ten interfaces in one

  • SD card interface

  • TF card interface

  • USB-C interface

  • USB-A interface

  • Mouse interface

  • Keyboard interface

  • Mobile hard disk interface

  • Touch panel interface

  • HDMI 2.0 interface

  • PD 100 charging port interface

Work and entertainment, stable and efficient

  • With strong performance, it can meet the needs of various interfaces, making it fun and entertaining in one machine.

1G file transfer in 1 second, enjoy the fun

  • USD3.2 Gen 2 supports a transmission rate of up to 10Gb/s, ensuring efficient data transmission between your computer and connected devices, and achieving seamless operation to improve your office efficiency.

Small screen becomes big screen, the details are clearly displayed

  • Support 4K/3842*2160@60Hz, 4K ultra-clear, easy and stress-free, enjoy cinema-level audio-visual experience.

Fully compatible with Apple M1 chip

  • Let MacBook get rid of the shackles of the interface, and fully release the expansion performance.

  • Audio interface, customized chip SNC8600

Powerful and compatible, the gameplay is good enough

  • SD/TF card plug-in, SD3.0 protocol, Type-C compatible with multiple systems, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Win10, PS5, Switch.

High fidelity sound quality, plus your entertainment

  • The touchpad switches audio modes, music, movies, games, different modes, and different sound effects. The sound is more detailed, and the happiness is more specific.

  • Yellow light: music mode

  • Blue light: movie mode

Purple light: game mode

HIFI docking station

  • Hi-Res certification

  • Equipped with DAC decoder chip

  • Support 3.5mm audio, 4.4mm balanced interface

High-end custom AMP, let HIFI break through the limitations of equipment and space

  • Uninterruptible power supply for work/entertainment

  • Uninterrupted power for work and entertainment, 100W PD quick-charge

  • Docking station uninterruptible power supply

  • One-piece aluminum alloy material, fast heat dissipation, refusal to get hot

  • Wedge design

  • Small and portable

  • 0 burden

Warm prompt

This docking station is a TYPE-C multifunctional docking station, suitable for laptop devices with USB4/Raiden 3/4 and full-featured USB-C interfaces, not a Raiden module docking station.


  • Model: ITX01

  • DAC: SNC8600(IKKO joint research and development)

  • AMP IC: custom AMP

  • Interface

  • Type-C x 1: PD100W

  • HDMI x 3: 3840*2160@60Hz

  • USB-A x 3: USB 3.2 gen2, 10Gbps

  • Type-C x 1: USB 3.2 gen2, 10Gbps

  • SD/TF card slot: SD3.0 protocol

  • Audio interface: 3.5mm audio output and 4.4mm audio output, Hi-Res Certification

  • Light: RGB logo light

  • Button: logo touchpad switch audio mode

  • SNR: 100dB

  • THD: 0.01%

  • Max output: 64mW

  • Decoding: PCM 192kHz

  • Compatibility requirements: Android, iOS, iPadOS, Mac OS, Win10, PS5, Switch

  • Size: 133 x 50 x 16mm


  • ITX01

  • Storage bag

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